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Growing up, I was the kind of kid who said, “huh?” about a minute after you asked me a question, because my nose was always stuck in a book.

Can you guess my fav Disney princess?

From the beginning, my favorite books were set in another time and place – 1930’s Mississippi, turn-of-the-century Prince Edward Island, Victorian London, a merchant ship on the high seas, the ancient Middle East … anywhere different from 1980’s suburban Alabama. 

Oh look, there’s Belle again.

I always wanted to be a novel writer, but procrastination, day jobs, and a long line of weird hobby obsessions got in the way. Then something clicked a few years ago, and I realized the only way I was going to be an author was, um, to actually write stuff

Hermione congratulates me on my genius realization.

I have a B.A. in journalism with a minor in creative writing, and worked for five years as managing editor and writer for a national business-to-business magazine. Now I write copy for an Internet costume retailer and take on the occasional freelance editing job (like the super fun sci-fi/dystopian YA series Autumn in the City of Angels).

I’m a member of the Historical Novel Society and have a wonderful network of local and far-flung writers to commiserate with and share work.

My current work-in-progress is a mystery about a Jazz Age Veronica Mars who searches for a killer in the seedy underbelly and glittering upper crust of 1931 New Orleans when her drag queen best friend is falsely accused of murder. So basically, this:

Novel Aesthetic

My love of history extends to old houses, old hats, old clothes, old cars – you know what, just assume if it’s old, I love it. I’m obsessed with apparel sewing, and my vintage sewing pattern collection is sorted by year from 1930’s through 1980’s.

I love modifying thrift store purchases and making my own patterns, too. My favorite thing to wear is ’50s New Look-style shirt dresses with pockets, and I adore bright colors and mixing prints. I don’t do pastels. (Perhaps my inner Slytherin coming out?)

When I’m not working or procrastinating, I’m sharing my love of books, musicals (Hamilton!!!), kitchen-dancing, and ’80s movies with my husband and two daughters. (The 7-year-old requested (and got) a Labyrinth-themed birthday party once. Brainwashing complete.)

It’s a lie. We totally moved the stars for that party.

I also love rock and roll (especially from the ’70s), live music, red lipstick, David Bowie, unicorns and rainbows, spiral-bound notebooks, Pilot G-2 07 pens, and suspenseful TV shows that make me desperate to watch the next episode (ie Jessica Jones).


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Historical fiction writer and reader. Procrastinator. Sewist. Slytherin. Fan of red lipstick, rock 'n' roll, and everything vintage.

Current Work-in-Progress

The Boy in the Red Dress

When her drag queen best friend is accused of murdering a socialite, a Jazz Age Veronica Mars searches for the real killer in the seedy underbelly and glittering upper crust of 1931 New Orleans.


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