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Kristin L. Walters

I was a nose-stuck-in-a-book kid, and from the beginning, my favorites were all set in another time and place – 1930’s Mississippi, Civil War South Carolina, turn-of-the-century Prince Edward Island, Victorian London … anywhere different from 1980’s suburban Alabama. 

I always wanted to be a novel writer, but procrastination, day jobs, and a long line of hobby obsessions got in the way. Then something clicked a few years ago, and I realized the only way I was going to ever be an author was to, um, actually write stuff. My current work-in-progress is a mystery about a streetwise jazz singer searching for her missing best friend in the seedy underbelly of Prohibition-era New Orleans. (I also wrote a Civil War-era novel, which is waiting in the wings for an eventual revamp.) 

I have a B.A. in journalism with a minor in creative writing, and worked for five years as managing editor and writer for a national business-to-business magazine. Now I write copy for an Internet costume retailer and take on the occasional freelance editing job (like the super fun sci-fi/dystopian YA series Autumn in the City of Angels).

My love of history extends to old houses, old hats, old clothes, old cars – you know what, just assume if it’s old, I love it. I am obsessed with apparel sewing, vintage sewing patterns, and making my own patterns. One day my whole closet will be filled with my own creations!

When I’m not working or procrastinating, I’m sharing my love of books, musicals, kitchen-dancing and 80’s movies with my two young daughters. (The 6-year-old requested a Labyrinth-themed birthday party last year. Brainwashing complete.)



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About Kristin

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Historical fiction writer and reader. Procrastinator. Sewist. Ally. Fan of red lipstick, rock 'n' roll, and everything vintage.

Current Work-in-Progress

The Boy in the Red Dress

A 1930s Veronica Mars must save her drag queen BFF and her aunt's speakeasy from pesky cops and a petulant mobster in seedy Prohibition-era New Orleans.


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