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My #PimpMyBio for Pitch Wars 2017

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July 23, 2017 by kristin

Hello, I’m Kristin! You can find me on Twitter @kristinlwalters, where I mostly talk about books, politics, and my bug-obsessed little girls.

This is my first time to enter Pitch Wars. (My writing group friends were basically like YOU HAVE TO OR WE’LL KILL YOU WITH OUR BARE HANDS. So I thought, hey – that’s probably a good idea for me to do that. I’ll do that then.)

So, here goes:

When her drag queen best friend is accused of murdering a socialite, seventeen-year-old Millie Coleman searches for a killer in the seedy underbelly and glittering upper crust of 1931 New Orleans. Street-smart and quick with a convincing lie, Millie teams up with her bootlegger pal (and crush, if she’d ever admit it) to sort out the diamond thieves from the murderers and clear her best friend’s name.

THE BOY IN THE RED DRESS is a Jazz Age Veronica Mars set during the so-called “Pansy Craze” of the early 1930s, when drag queens and kings enjoyed an all-too-brief surge of popularity as nightclub entertainment. A YA historical mystery complete at 60,000 words, THE BOY IN THE RED DRESS would appeal to fans of Libba Bray and Ruta Sepetys.

So basically, this:

Novel Aesthetic

I’m a former journalist and was a creative writing minor, so I’m used to my work being edited and workshopped. I LOVE constructive criticism and fresh insights (you know, after I get finished hating them for a little while). When I receive feedback, I’m always super excited to get to work improving things. In other words, EVERYTHING MUST BE PERFECT. (Send help!)

I’ve been told voice and character are my strong suits. Where I struggle most is plotting and pacing, so I would especially love a mentor who is great at that stuff!

I’ve been working on this novel ONE HUNDRED YEARS but only recently figured out (after reading every writing book known to man) that OOPS, I MIGHT HAVE BEEN WRITING IT TOTALLY WRONG THIS WHOLE TIME. So I rewrote it from scratch.


I’ve queried before and received several requests for fulls, but I could really use a mentor’s help leaping to the next level.

A little about me:

I’ve always loved fiction that took me to another time and place and taught me something about humanity (without being teach-y). I could read old newspaper archives until my eyeballs stopped working and my scrolling finger grew stiff.

My history geekery extends to old houses, old hats, old clothes, old cars – you know what, just assume if it’s old, I LOVE IT SO MUCH. I’m obsessed with apparel sewing, and my vintage sewing pattern collection is sorted by year from the 1930’s through 1980’s.

My favorite thing to wear is ’50s New Look-style shirt dresses with pockets, and I adore bright colors and mixing prints. I don’t do pastels. (Hello, nice to meet you, I am a Slytherin.)

I also love red lipstick, musicals (Hamilton!!!!), Halloween costumes, David Bowie, fluffy orange cats, Pilot G-2 07 pens, the tenth Doctor, and the wedding episode of Outlander. My favorite movies are Chocolat and Almost Famous, and maybe one day I’ll come up with a way to write a mash-up of the two.

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When her drag queen best friend is accused of murdering a socialite, a Jazz Age Veronica Mars searches for the real killer in the seedy underbelly and glittering upper crust of 1931 New Orleans.


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