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March 3, 2014 by kristin

My sister and I are kind of obsessed with the Myers-Briggs personality types. We try to figure out ourselves, our friends, acquaintances, people we barely know through a friend of friend on facebook. It’s like a party game.

I’ve written before about how I’m about 50/50 introvert/extrovert (ENTJ/INTJ), but lately I’ve noticed my introvert side coming to the fore. When I’m out with friends, I feel like hanging back and talking one on one instead of leading the charge to the dance floor. When I’m at yoga class, I sit back and listen to others’ conversations instead of rambling to a perfect stranger about my own reasons for being there.

I have been on both the giving and receiving end of a "talking to death."

I have been on both the giving and receiving end of a “talking to death.”

Maybe it’s just a temporary mood shift. Maybe it’s the weather. But I have a theory it’s because I’m writing again.

Six months ago, a crisis arose at my day job that required me to focus obsessively on finding and executing a solution. My solution(s) worked, thank goodness, but sucked up all my creativity and energy for a while.

Things calmed down for me only recently, and as soon as they did, I started noticing the urge to write creeping back in. “If you don’t TRY, you’ll never become a published author,” my subconscious whispered. I tried really hard to block her out, but frankly, she has kind of a bitchy voice.

So I’m back at it again, a year after I started sending query letters to agents. My manuscript is better and my queries are better (I think). I’ve had some near misses. Now is the time.

Now is also the time to think about that next novel. I have two ideas brewing, both set in the late 20’s/early 30’s in Mobile, Alabama. Maybe the two stories will somehow intertwine into one.

But now that I’m back in writing mode, I might also lean more toward introvert mode. When I’m deep into writing, I spend so much time making up stories in my head that I sometimes forget how to come out and be in the real world. It’s like waking up from a dream, every time someone says my name. “Hmmm?” I’ll say absently, at least 50 percent of my mind still in a Prohibition-era speakeasy.

So if I’m 50 percent introvert, and 50 percent of my brain is busy writing, then does that leave 25 percent to be an extrovert? No wonder I’ve lost my dance party mojo!

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