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Reading Is Fundamental

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July 6, 2013 by kristin

I’ve managed to read more historical fiction in the past two weeks than in the entire previous year, pitiful considering it’s my favorite genre. Until recently, I’d fallen into the habit of skipping my fun reading, telling myself that between working my day job, writing, and raising two needy mama’s girls, I didn’t have time for it.

But somehow I still had time to post 1,275 photos on facebook? Insert gratuitous kid pic:


Lately, my priorities have shifted. Thanks to the HNS conference and the writers and readers I follow on Twitter, I have an ever-growing “to read” list on goodreads. I want to read what my friends have written, not just because they’re super cool folks, but because their books sound AWESOME! And I want to read all the books they recommend, too. Literally, every day I add a new book or two to my queue.

Obviously, the young’uns still come first, and my day job, and my own writing, but having kids has taught me to grab what little time I can for myself and stitch those tiny bits together into some semblance of a private life. Five minutes waiting in the carpool line, 15 at the DMV, 25 until the end of Caillou. Those minutes are mine.

In the past, I might’ve wasted them checking facebook AGAIN, or shopping online for clothes my extremely well-outfitted children don’t really need, or reading the Television Without Pity forums about the few shows I take time to watch.

Nowadays, I whip out my Kindle or flip to the Kindle app on my iPhone, and get sucked into a book. Just like that, I can’t hear anyone whining, can’t feel the Alabama heat. I’m in the Scottish Highlands or turn-of-the-century New York City. I’m solving a mystery, escaping a killer, fighting injustice, falling in love.

How did I forget how awesome that is?

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