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April 17, 2013 by kristin

I’m not known as a punctual person, but one area I do manage to do things on time is paying bills. That is, until recently. I completely forgot my car payment for two months in a row, until they sent me a “Hey, remember us? And here’s a late fee for ya” notice.

I blame this on two things: baby brain (the condition in which a mother is so sleep-deprived and hormone-addled that she forgets her own age and her cousin’s last name) combined with a special dose of book brain (the condition in which a writer is so obsessed with her book that half her brain is living in 1864).

I went a few months without thinking much about my book. I was miserably-huge-pregnant for a while, and then I had a newborn and a toddler and sore boobs and so forth.

But lately book brain is creeping up again. Writing synopses and query letters got me thinking about it again, talking about it again. Before I knew it, I was editing again. And now the characters and the story have me in their thrall again.

So if you see me staring off into space, I’m probably thinking about the best way to smuggle goods into a Civil War-era prison. Do me a favor and click your fingers and say, “HEY, did you send your car payment yet?” You might just save me $25.

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